Clay Vessels

Clay Vessels

I make clay vessels using hand-coiling methods or manufactured stoneware forms. Vessels function as works of fine art or for containing Orisha. Orisha vessels are always unique, custom made for their owner’s sacred needs and ritually consecrated. Coiled clay vessels, whether for Orisha or fine art purpose can be finished by pit-firing, decorated and kiln-fired at low temperatures. or decorated with underglaze colors and kiln-fired. Some have lids made from clay and other materials like wood, basket fibers, and gourds. Vessels are one-of-a-kind, individually priced. Also see Orisha Pumpkin Pots-1997 in Making Art for the Spirit – LINK Click here
pitfired clay vessel for Oya, © 1997

Vessel for Oya

Orisha Pumpkin Pots Series – 1997
Pit fired stoneware decorated with colored slips and copper carbonate, burnished surface, © 1997
This vessel is from a series of pots each decorated with pumpkins, and also decorated and dedicated for an Orisha. Vessel for Oya utilizes red and purple, colors associated with her, and displays nine eggplants, her number and food. It is not intended for use as a consecrated orisha pot to house Oya. Also see the Orisha Pumpkin Pots Series – in Making Art for the Spirit – LINK Click here

Vessel for Shango

This piece was custom made for an Orisha priestess’s Shango. The shape, and decoration (interior and exterior) was prescribed by the Orisha via divination. Stoneware decorated with burnished porcelain and red ochre terra-siggilatta, kiln-fired, © 2007
Vessel for Shango © 2007

Persephone’s Pot

This piece was made during the process of Making Art for the Spirit when I was engaged in experiential research of the Eleusinian Mysteries, ancient Greek rituals for the triple goddess: Hecate, Demeter and Persephone. 3 views, hand-coiled sandstone buff clay, burnished surface, kiln and pit-fired. 8 inches high x 4 1/2 inches diameter, © 1996, 2020

  • Persephone's Pot, pit-fired clay vessel


Ifa Ebo Vessel

This clay vessel was prescribed by Ifa divination. The Ebo called for a perforated pot for smoking fish, a common offering to Ifa. The circle of green and yellow references Orunmila. The Vulture image painted on the lid is homage to Yeye Teish, Chief Priestess and Elder of Ile Orunmila Oshun whose road of Oshun is Ibukole, the Vulture, highly revered as the one who delivers our prayers to Olodumare. The red and black crossroads references Eshu who begins and ends every ritual and always favors and protects those who do ebo. Stoneware, burnished, kiln-fired. 7 inches high x 9 inches diameter; © 2000, 2020.